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Stress can arise at any time and often in cases where an individual may have been managing quite well. A change in circumstance or an accumulation of everyday strains can lead a person to feel overwhelmed.

Life Related Stress

There are many life experiences that can have an adverse effect on an individual leading to stress. Some of these may be financial worries, relationship breakdown, injury or illness both short term and chronic, managing a household, death or illness of a loved one, moving house or job, sexual problems, retirement etc.

Work Related Stress

Stress in the workplace is the most common source of stress. Triggers of stress at work are varied but may include levels of pay, unmanageable workload, conflicting demands, performance anxiety, lack of input, fear of job loss, bullying, discrimination, monotonous duties, poor promotion prospects and unhappiness in the role. Such stressors can have a serious impact on an individual inside and outside the work environment.


  • Physical – Rapid heartbeat and chest pain, headaches, sleep difficulties, nausea, low energy, prone to illness etc. There can also be long term effects such as heart disease and the adverse results of negative coping behaviours like overeating or substance abuse.
  • Emotional – Feelings of anxiety, insecurity, pressure, irritability, panic, low confidence levels, anger.
    Thinking – Poor performance and concentration on everyday tasks, negative patterns of thought including catastrophising, disqualifying the positives, helplessness and self-labelling.
  • Behavioural – Isolation or pulling back from positive supports such as friends, family, hobbies etc. Change in behaviours that once brought enjoyment or fulfilment such as hobbies, work, exercise etc. Engagement in substance abuse or other negative behaviours as a means to dealing with stress. Such behaviours are often outside of the level of awareness of the stressed individual until such time as they become destructive.

At Endeavour we aim to support the client as they identify the stressors that may be a trigger and to develop stress management techniques. Having a clearer picture of the causes of stress can help to create healthier responses such as establishing boundaries, finding supports and forming a balance between the responsibilities of life and the need for personal wellbeing.

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