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It is normal to suffer low moods from time to time however when these moods extend over a sustained period (2 weeks or more) an individual may be suffering from depression. Depression can be debilitating and confusing as attempts to move on or ‘snap out of it’ don’t seem to work. Depression can lead to significant changes on emotional, thinking, physical and behavioural levels.


Physical – too much or too little sleep, feeling drowsy, lack of energy, change in appetite either too much or too little, low sex drive, aches and pains.

  • Emotional – A person may have feelings of sadness, anxiety, irritability, demotivation, low confidence, thoughts of death and the inability to experience positive emotions
  • Thinking – Poor Concentration, memory and focus making it difficult to manage everyday responsibilities. Negative thoughts in regard to self, others, the situation, past, present or future can dominate. Inability to recognise positives.
  • Behavioural – Isolation, from friends, family, colleagues; unreturned calls, non-attendance at social gatherings or events. Change in behaviours that once brought enjoyment or fulfilment such as hobbies, work, exercise etc. Increase in dysfunctional coping means such as drink or drugs, pornography, gambling, reckless behaviour.

At Endeavour we help the client to understand depression, its causes, the effects it has and how they can try to find a way out of it. In addressing the problem in terms of the levels mentioned above the client can begin to make interventions and build supports that over time can bring about positive change.

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