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Anxiety is a reaction to some degree of danger, real or imagined, and can be experienced on a physical, emotional and thinking level. Anxiety is a normal part of life and is commonly felt by most people in situations such as starting a new job, taking an examination or meeting someone new. Normal levels of anxiety can be helpful in focussing the mind and motivating us. It becomes problematic when it adversely affects how we live or want to live our lives.

Common Types of Problematic Anxiety;

Social Anxiety

At the core of this anxiety is the belief that people think negatively of you in all manner of social situations. As much our lives are based around human interactions in our close relationships, work, social gatherings etc. this form of anxiety can leave a person isolated and lonely. It can also lead to performance anxiety.

Panic Disorder/Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be an extremely frightening experience in the moment. It can lead to further worry about future panic attacks creating a difficult cycle for the individual.

General Anxiety

General Anxiety can leave a person feeling anxious for the majority of the time. The cause of this type of anxiety may or may not be clear.


This is anxiety related to specific activities, things, places etc. This phobia can lead to avoidant behaviour which in turn can make the anxiety worse.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

In the weeks, months or years after a traumatic event an individual can experience related anxiety in many forms such as having flashbacks, being overly cautious or nervous and avoiding situations linked to the original traumatic event.


  • Physical - rapid heartbeat, shaking, sweating, breathing difficulties, dizziness, sleep and fatigue problems, headaches, physical pain in the body and nausea.
  • Emotional – An individual can experience many negative emotions with anxiety including feeling overwhelmed, nervous, insecure, alienated and confused
  • Thinking – Poor Concentration, memory and focus leaving it difficult to manage the practicalities of life. Dysfunctional thinking patterns such as magnification or minimisation, personalisation, catastrophizing and jumping to conclusions.

At Endeavour we work with the client to identify how anxiety is affecting their life and how they can make significant changes. We support the client as they try to identify the source of the anxiety while also working on approaches to deal with present day issues.

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